The Kids Table is a series about a group of Chinese-American family friends, forever relegated to the kids table, who confront each other on approaches to Asian identity via food, love, and gossip. Created by Adina Luo & Vivian Huang.

Justin considers himself an Asian American social justice advocate hyphen activist. He’s not really sure what that means now that he’s graduated, and struggles to find a way to make money as a so-called advocate, mainly doing administrative work at slow-paced nonprofits.

Anna has always prided herself on being the most creative person in a room full of engineers. But since graduating, she’s been unsure if she made the right call in pursuing a career as a software engineer.

Jonathan has spent his whole life as the black sheep of the entire Asian community. His rapper name is DominaSHEN, and he’s been working with a one-track mind to elevate his music career, much to his parents’ dismay.

Chloe is a hapa that, frankly, can pass as white. For her whole life, people have misunderstood how she relates to her Asian identity, either because they miss her biracial heritage, or they don’t listen to her.

Constance is a consultant who has followed the successful Asian daughter path to a tee. Her day to day consists of being surrounded by tall, white, former frat bros that confuse her for the other Asian girl in the office.