Ryan Keem - Justin Li

Ryan Keem is an actor born in San Diego, California and raised in Duluth, Georgia. Ryan began acting when he was 10, but stopped at age 14 to focus on school. He studied Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago and resumed acting in his senior year. Outside of acting, Ryan enjoys skateboarding, music, and eastern philosophy. He hopes to someday make a narrative feature film centered around meditation.

Geo Lee - Jonathan Shen

Geo Lee is an actor/improviser/dancer, originally from Pittsburgh, PA and is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. He enjoys creating funny videos with his comedy duo SeventhGrade and doing shows with his improv troupe Miss Golightly, which currently hosts a show "Happy Hour w Miss Golightly", every Tuesday at 8:30pm in the UCB Inner Sanctum. Make sure you follow him on Instagram: @itsgeolee so he can build his "social media presence". He's super excited to be part of "The Kids Table" and definitely believes in more Asian-American representation in mainstream media and hopes this will be a positive step forward!

Krissy Lu - Anna Li

Krissy is a Los Angeles based Chinese American actress. Growing up in Greenville, North Carolina, Krissy was unhappy with how the film industry depicted Asians on screen. She wanted to be part of a change in Hollywood so after graduating from Yale University, she decided to become an actress. Since then, she has starred in both dramatic and comedic roles in numerous films, web series, and plays and has trained at Beverly Hills Playhouse, Anthony Meindl, Speiser/Sturges and Margie Haber Studio. She is now actively training at Bill O’Leary Studios and Upright Citizens Brigade.

Rachel Marsh - Chloe Marsh

Actor, creator, model, improvisor, almond milk maker! Rachel has appeared in a number of short films, pilots, web series and commercials. She strongly believes art has a place in conversations about race, identity, and class and wants to create content that tells stories surrounding these important topics. Follow her on instagram @rachelmarshla.

Hana Wu - Constance Wu

Hana was made in Taiwan and immigrated to the US when she was 5. She considers herself a true California girl, having grown up in the Bay Area, resided on the central coast, and settled in Los Angeles. After studying clinical psychology and working as a psychotherapist for several years, she transitioned into acting, which she now wants to do everyday for the rest of her life. Past credits include the award-winning limited series “Three Chen Sisters” and the upcoming series “Pineapple,” shot in Hong Kong. If you must know, Hana is freakishly good at hiking, has a thing for hedgehogs and manatees, and has never met an Asian noodle soup she didn’t like. Follow her on instagram @heyhanawu.


Michelle Kwong - Director of Photography, Colorist

Michelle Kwong is a native New York cinematographer and photographer now based in Los Angeles. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in cinematography and minor in photography from Emerson College, Michelle has served as the director of photography for several short films, music videos, commercials, and corporate videos. Several of these short films have garnered accolades in film festivals around the country. Her college thesis film, Inside Boxes, was a finalist for the 2016 Cannes Short Film Corner. Michelle hopes to continue growing as a director of photography and creative artist through collaboration and is excited for what future projects have in store for her. Follow her on instagram @michellemkwong.

Will Park - Camera Operator

Will Park grew up all over Asia watching films from all over the world. His love for culture and cinema is what drew him to work on The Kids Table.

Haley Kreofsky - Camera Operator

Shreyas Srinivas - Sound Designer

Alex Luo - Key PA

Alex was more than just a Key PA for The Kids Table, he also operated in a role most akin to that of a team mascot. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, cooking, and playing the violin (In fact, he won best musician for his high school’s yearbook superlatives). He now studies data science undergraduate at UCSD, pondering the path his life will ultimately take.


Vivian Huang - Co-creator, Co-Writer, Director

Vivian Huang is a writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. In addition to co-creating The Kids Table, she works as the writers’ assistant and script coordinator on an upcoming TV series from UCP/USA.

Adina Luo - Co-creator, Co-Writer, Director

Adina Luo is a filmmaker and media entrepreneur focused on diversity and representation. In addition to the Kids Table, Adina has worked in a variety of narrative and documentary production roles, including a work in progress feature on police brutality and a recent Guardian-distributed documentary. Also, check out her other (non-film) projects, Dear Tech People and other cards.